Hello everyone! If you follow me then you definitely know about Atlantic Rim already, but, now that Chapter One has finally ended, I think it’s time to really try and get the word out about it. Atlantic Rim is a webcomic I’ve been running on the mspa forums for almost a year now. I started it as an entry in a contest, but kept up with it after the contest was over, and am working on spinning it into a much longer narrative than I originally envisioned or expected. It’s serious and silly, parodic and homage-ful, and made entirely out of clip art, stock photos, and google search images, like some sort of bizarre puppet show. Look at all these cool monsters people made because of it! Incredible. I’d really appreciate it if you checked it out, Chapter One shouldn’t take more than an hour or so to digest.

Anyway, for those of you already ready for the continuation of the adventure, don’t worry. You won’t be waiting long. Unless my classes in the fall hit me harder than I anticipate, it won’t take nearly as long to get Chapter Two finished, and we’ll build up some nice momentum. 

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